SANE Back-end for Relisys/Teco SCSI Scanners

There is now a driver for a number of Relisys/Teco SCSI Scanners.

It has been developed by Frank Zago. See his SANE page for the details.

Another useful page is Gerard Klaver's Notes TECO/RELISYS/SCORPIO/SUPER3-page.

Please note - the rest of this information is historical...

When a local shop offered a Relisys Scorpio Super 3 A4 flatbed SCSI II scanner for about 95 Dutch Guilders (about 42 Euros), I let myself be tempted into an impulse buy.

It was (of course) only delivered with Window$ drivers and I wanted to run it under Linux, but a SCSI II interface was a good start, so I started to search the Internet a bit.

It turned out that there once had been a (more-or-less) working SANE back-end, but that it had been lost when the hard disk it lived on suddenly and unexpectedly when to meet it's maker.

So... I am slowly attempting to get a new back-end together. At the moment I haven't anything to offer, but I am busy trying to understand how window$ does it, so that I can do it too. I hope to place some initial offering (probably some tools I am using) "Real Soon" ;-)

"Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition"

Recently (and quite unexpectedly) Relisys/Teco sent me an email saying:

But for the Linux driver, we still under developing, if we finish this work we will put on the web for download.

(My emphasis. Love the Taiwanese English)

If they finish...

OK, to start with, lets all email them politely at pointing out how many more scanner they will sell if they support Linux, and the importance of putting the source under GPL, how we deeply love them, etc. etc ;-)

You would like to help...

Those of us who are interested in this project hang out on our own little mailing list at, which you are invited to subscribe to (very low traffic).

If you own a TECO/Relisys scanner and would like to see it running under Linux you can help!

We need (initially) to accumulate as much knowledge as possible about the similarities / differences between all the different Models, so lets explore your scanner as well! Join the list, tell us which model you have and we will help you to contribute your bit to this project.

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If you want to contact me, do so at mark at plowman dot nl (de-spam this email address first).

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